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Ralph sent Tom a message that he should buy needles online as soon as possible. They guys were going to be out of town for the entire weekend, and they almost out of syringes. Their chance to buy enough to last the next few days would be over at 5:00, when the pharmacies closed. But Tom's Internet was down when he got the message, so he made a beeline for the pharmacy, weaving between lanes and running yellow lights, arriving after the pharmacy had already closed.

The two guys had met in the lobby of a doctor's office and were best friends right from the start. Instead of browsing through medical sales catalogs, they'd talked about going fishing that same afternoon. Two hours later, they were out on the lake and trolling for bass in Ralph's aluminum john boat. They'd brought home a whopping catch that day and had repeated the feat every weekend for the last six months, while most fishermen had gone home empty handed, every time.

Ten minutes after Tom got back home from the closed pharmacy, Ralph showed up to help him get ready to go to the lake in the morning. Ralph began getting their tackle box ready, while Tom hooked up the boat. In the tackle box, Ralph still had a few syringes left. They were the comfortable injection kind with ultra-sharp needles. He looked some more but only found a package of blunt tip needles for irrigation and dispensing applications. When everything was done, they closed the garage doors and turned out the lights, ready to leave early the next morning.

Out on the lake, the sun had been up an hour and the wind wasn't as chilly as they'd expected. It was even blowing at all. They found another two packages of BD syringes that Tom had put away and forgotten about. That would be enough for the weekend. Already, they'd caught a bunch of big large-mouth bass, and the day was still early. About that time a game warden pulled up along side their boat, acting very nosy.

The warden looked around and made small talk for a while, then identified himself and asked to see their fishing licenses. The men flipped through their disorganized wallets, pulling out their Medicare and Medicaid cards, and finally their licenses. So far so good. Then the warden noticed the orange capped syringes laying in the boat, and began asking more questions. The guys were honest and answered the warden as best they could, but no matter what they told him, he wouldn't believe them. He proceeded to impound the boat and arrested the pair.
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